Lobster Diving

$199 per person

Strong swimmers preferred, but basic swimming skills required. We offer day time and evening guided lobster diving tours. The daytime Lobster diving starts swimming from the shore and usually involves more searching for Caribbean Spiny Lobster, which must have a 3.5” carapace length and does not allow us to keep any egg baring females. Our legal methods of harvesting these lobster include catching them by hand with a tickle stick and net or using a lobster snare. Spearing lobster by any means is prohibited in Puerto Rico. Night time lobster diving involves swimming off the beach with underwater flashlights (rentals available) and targeting the spotted spiny lobster, a smaller species than the Caribbean spiny lobster. Spotted Spiny Lobsters are more active in the evening, as they come out to feed, so they are more prevalent and require less searching compared to the day time. The most common harvesting method is hand grabbing, but some people use a tickle stick and net. Snares can also be used; however they can be difficult to use while holding a flashlight in your other hand. There are no size limits or bag limits; however all egg baring females must be released. Spearing lobster by any means is prohibited in Puerto Rico.

Rental gear is available for rental. Call us for more information on rental prices.