Reef Spearfishing

Starting at $199 per person

Strong swimmers preferred. basic swimming skills required.
starting from the beach enjoy a fully guided experience through our beautiful local reefs. Our guides have an excellent knowledge of different currents in the area which is important for this style of fishing.
Our reef fishing usually involves a separate entry and exit point where we work with the current and not against it. We provide upon request fish species charts so that you know what you’re looking for your first time out or if you are new to spearing in Caribbean waters. Our guides prioritize safety at all times and will not take their eyes off you.
This experience can be catered to new comers with beginner classes or lighter fishing experiences or if you are an avid diver get ready for a long swim of the beach out into varying depths of 15-40ft of water covered in rock and coral features where we can hone in on your whole hunting skills and stalking methods using the varying terrain.
Rental Gear is available.

Blue Water Spearfishing

Starting at $599

This experience is not for beginners. Must have prior knowledge of spearfishing and freediving. Join us as we go offshore anywhere between 5 to 20 miles to hunt crystal clear blue waters over deep shipwrecks, sea mounds and ledges. Our blue water hunting offers the opportunity to see and spear a variety of trophy species including wahoo, mahi, king mackerel, tuna, and black and yellowfin grouper. Don’t miss out on the best guided spearfishing charter experience on the west coast of Puerto Rico. All the spearfishing gear you might need is available for rental. Call us for pricing on rentals.

The pricing for our blue water trips is the same as our rod and reel fishing trips. For more pricing information click here.